The Event

The Rok the Stones Trail Marathon is set in the beautiful Chew Valley, about 10 miles from Bristol and Bath. The Stone Circles behind the church form the 3rd largest collection of prehistoric standing stones in England and include the second largest circle (after Avebury).

The route consists of three very different and testing loops (10.6 miles, 6.6 miles and 10 miles) from Stanton Drew Village Hall, which is in a small village in this quiet and beautiful corner of north-east Somerset, about 10 miles from Bristol and Bath. The route is self-navigation with limited course marking.

Each loop returns to the village hall allowing entrants to get a hot drink & food, use the facilities, and maybe even put on dry socks, before heading out again. The majority of the route is off-road, following paths and tracks, and varies from flat riverbank to surprisingly steep climbs. Several parts of the route are very muddy in winter. The total distance is around 27.2 miles, with over 2700 feet of ascent. The event will be run under UK Athletics Rules (TRA permit applied for).

There are two entrance classes: solo runners (limited to 100 entrants), who run all 3 loops, and three-person relay teams, who run one loop each. The relay class is limited to a maximum of 10 teams and relay teams can be all-female, all-male or mixed.

The event will be run under UK Athletics rules (Trail Running Association Permit # 673).

Date and Time

Saturday 04-Feb-2017 with registration from 07:30. The first start is at 08:30 with relay and faster solo runners  (e.g. 3h 45m flat road marathon or a 5h 15m hilly trail marathon) starting at 09:30. See Race Day Details for full information.

Event HQ

The event is based at Stanton Drew Village Hall, which is in the centre of the village, on the corner of Bromley Road and Sandy Lane. The hall has plenty of parking and there are toilets (no showers). Supporters are welcome to stay in and around the hall to cheer on the runners.

Stanton Drew Village Hall
Sandy Lane
Stanton Drew
BS39 4EL
OS Grid Ref: ST 596 631

All food and drink (apart from breakfast rolls) is included in the entry fee and will also be available for purchase by supporters.

  • Breakfast rolls will be available until mid-morning.
  • Tea and coffee, cakes and race snacks will be available all day.
  • Veg chilli and rice will be provided at the end of loop 3.
  • The checkpoints will provide water, soft drinks and sweet/savoury snacks.

The Druid’s Arms pub, which serves good food and is open all day, is opposite the village hall car park.


 Due to potential issues with livestock, dogs are limited to Canicross runners and must be kept on a lead at all times. Loop 3 will definitely require the assistance of a helper. Care should be taken to ensure that other runners are not impeded.

  • Loop 1: If there are livestock in the Stone Circle field (unlikely on race day), a helper can easily walk across to transfer the dog from entrance to exit whilst you are running around the stones.
  • Loop 2: The route is all on public footpaths.
  • Loop 3: Folly Farm is a wildlife reserve and dogs are only permitted on the public footpath running above the farm. However, with the aid of a patient helper, you can hand-over the dog just inside the gate at the top of Featherbed Lane, run the Folly Farm section (about 15-25 mins) and meet the helper about 250 metres further on, where the race route rejoins the public footpath.

Pre-event recces

Entrants are encouraged to take part in guided recces of each loop, which will take place in December and January. Details will be posted on the Facebook page. If you do recce the route, please park in the village hall car park (leaving a note to say that you are running Rok the Stones) or park in the rear car park of The Druids (and pop in for a pint,  a hot drink or some food afterwards). Please do not take dogs onto Folly Farm.


All profits from the event will be donated to the Pensford, Publow and the Stantons Community Trust (PPSCT).



The organisers wish to thank:

  • The helpers in the village hall and the marshals, most of whom are not runners, but very friendly locals.
  • All local landowners with public footpaths on their land and landowners allowing access across private land
  • Stanton Drew Village Hall Committee for use of the hall

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